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Your Proven Roadmap to
Wealth and Good Fortune

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    Overflowing with wisdom drawn from an extensive pool of 100,000 case studies,
    The Having will guide you in effortlessly attracting good fortune and experiencing a wonderfully fulfilling life.

    Hello, I’m Suh Yoon

    Ever since I was six years old, I’ve been diving into ancient Asian classics and analyzing individual cases of success. To date, I’ve examined more than 100,000. I began this journey to unravel a simple yet profound question: “How can we tap into our natural good fortune to lead wonderfully fulfilling lives?
    My book, The Having, is all about my insights into the science of good luck. The message resonates with a large audience, selling over 500,000 copies worldwide and being translated into more than 20 languages. Right now, I share my latest thoughts and methods on attracting good luck through my 1&1 Newsletter. To learn more and to subscribe, click here.
    You can also seek further connections with me through Instagram and Twitter
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    Develop effective tools that can successfully address self-limiting beliefs and enable us to remain fully present.


    Present a personal code of conduct that can swiftly reshape patterns of negative emotions and restore clarity.


    Implement tried-and-true methods for emotional self-management that promptly clear away negative sentiments, allowing you to concentrate on your goals.


    Seamlessly adopt the mindset practices of the prosperous, utilizing an actionable framework rooted in the analysis of 100,000 data points.


    Utilize proven toolkits, tested and applied by 500,000 individuals, to plant the seeds of fortune in your subconscious mind and manifest good luck in your everyday life.


    Receive a practical guide for conducting yourself that empowers you to break free from toxic relationships and elevate the quality of the people in your circle.

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