The Secret Art Of Feeling And
Growing Rich

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    Packed with self-improvement strategies, The Having will teach you how to effortlessly attract wealth and good fortune.

    Hi, I’m Suh Yoon

    As a master of the human mindset and an iconic force of living the moment, ,I stands alone. This magnetic and alluring woman’s solutions are groundbreaking and more effective than any other. I’m a visionary of our age who is helping usher in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

    I actually becomes part of our daily consciousness, pervading our thinking to the point that we take it for granted; it is like being hypnotized with magic spells or potions. I completely reshapes the way we have thus far understood the world. I opens the door to a new world full of hope and good fortune.

    I’m a winning rebel with a heart and a seductive guerrilla with a cause.

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    The key to changing your circumstances is emotions, not thought. If you use your emotional energy well, it can be a source of wealth for you

    True comfort is felt when your actions are perfectly aligned with what your soul wants. Let your soul lead you and act according to your comfort

    If you pay attention to what you truly want, you’ll naturally distance yourself from wasteful or ostentatious purchases

    When you want something badly, you focus on absence. You feel that way because you feel you don’t have something

    Many of us get caught up in our own worldview and lock up our own potential. Anyone who can break free of this can fully use their potential to become rich