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Oct 26, 2023

How to Overcome Challenges in Visualization

One Story

“I loved reading your article on visualization. It was really insightful, especially the part about how visualization can be a magnet for positive outcomes.
As a law student, I’ve been experimenting with visualization lately. I saw a YouTube video about it, and it suggested visualizing the potential obstacles I might encounter and imagining how I would overcome them. I tried it out for a few days, but I started to feel anxious. The clear images of my accomplishments that I had been seeing in my mind started to be clouded by uncertainty. This anxiety made it hard for me to focus on my studies, which I really enjoy.
So, I’m wondering if visualization is the right path for me. Maybe it works for some people, but not for everyone? Or maybe there’s a trick to it that I’m missing.
Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.🙏”

From Christina (British Columbia/Canada)

One Insight

I commend you wholeheartedly for embracing the wondrous power of visualization on your journey toward inviting good fortune into your life.
As you delve into the realm of visualization, remember that it’s not just about conjuring images within your mind; it’s a symphony of senses that engages your entire being. If the precise vision of your goal materializes later, fear not. Focus on immersing yourself in the emotions of achieving that cherished objective. Let the thrill, delight, and contentment wash over you as if the triumph were already yours.
There might be moments when visualizing feels like chasing a fleeting butterfly, and that’s completely natural. A couple of factors could contribute to this gentle challenge.
First and foremost, it’s possible that what you’re visualizing could be in better harmony with your authentic desires. External influences and societal expectations can easily sway us, but the true treasure lies in recognizing what ignites our inner happiness.
Let me share a heartwarming tale: A woman came from a family of esteemed doctors. While she initially thought her destiny lay in medicine, her visualization of this path lacked the sparkle of excitement. Through her introspective journey, she discovered an uncharted passion for baking. The result? A delightfully fulfilling dessert shop of her own creation. This heartening story illustrates how visualization can unveil the treasures of our heart’s true desires.
In our following newsletter, I’ll delve into two more facets that might explain the occasional challenge of visualization. Until then, keep your heart open and your spirit kindled.

Former NBA player, writer, and investor, Kobe Bryant on visualization: 🏀🏀🏀
“Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.”

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What Yoonions Say

In my last newsletter, I discussed the profound connection between visualization and good fortune.

Youngsoon shared her thoughts on the practice of visualization:

“Thank you for your insightful writing. Each day, I endeavor to spare 1-2 minutes for visualization, picturing a future with myself smiling. To me, visualization is akin to sketching an image within the mind. The more intricate and vivid the image, the more lucid our goals become. With each visualization, I find my resolve to work towards my goals strengthening. While the journey of implementation is undoubtedly challenging, I’m taking it step by step. Eagerly awaiting your next piece.”

Lisa, a life coach, conveyed how my letter transformed her perception of visualization:

“Thank you so much for making visualization so simple . . . 1-2 minutes a day. I always thought it had to be long and that stopped me from doing it. This is manageable and exciting! So appreciate your work. It’s changed my life! Blessings.🫶🏼🫶🏼”

Several Yoonions reached out, expressing how my book, “The Having,” has touched their lives in meaningful ways.

Sunci, who is an artist, penned a beautiful note from the picturesque island of Croatia:

“Your book, discovered on a dusty library shelf on the island Hvar, on holiday, at huge life’s cross roads, helped change my life for the better. I have been flowing into increasing abundance since. Thank you for the newsletter.💖💛💝”

A heartfelt letter from Japan truly resonated with me:

“While recovering in a hospital after suffering a stroke, I chanced upon ‘Having’ during a particularly daunting period, both mentally and financially. This book reignited my zest for life. Both my wife and I found solace in its pages. I’ve been so moved that I’ve bought six copies to share with dear friends, my company’s president, and even the compassionate nurses attending to me. I wholeheartedly recommend ‘Having’ to everyone I meet. My deepest gratitude to you for shedding light on the profound lesson of Having.”

Thank you for all the heartfelt messages.💗 I eagerly await your reflections and feedback on this week’s newsletter.

Suh Yoon Lee
Author of The Having

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