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Nov 2, 2023

The Secret Tips for Effective Visualization

One Story

“I would just like to send a message to every young person out there, whatever you are pursuing whether it’s tennis, sports, or anything else. You know, I was a seven-year-old dreaming that I could win Wimbledon and become number one in the world one day. And I am beyond grateful and blessed to be standing here with so many incredible achievements.

But one thing is for sure… I feel that I have the power to create my own destiny. I try to visualize every single thing in my life. Not only believe it, but really feel it with every cell in my body.

And I just want to send a message out there to every young person.. be in the present moment, and forget about what happened in the past, future is something that is just going to happen. But if you want a better future, you create it. Take the means in your hands, believe it, create it…”

-Novak Djokovic, from his victory speech at the French Open in 2023 🎾

One Insight

As we continue our dialogue, I’m excited to share two more pearls of insight that might offer clarity amidst the challenges you’re experiencing with visualization.

Another subtle difference to consider is the possibility that your attention along your journey. The “what if” thoughts that tiptoe into your mind have a way of stealing the spotlight. They’re like unexpected guests at a party, making it harder to communicate your wishes to your unconscious mind. To address this, I propose a gentle shift in perspective—redirect your focus to the core goal rather than losing yourself in the labyrinth of potential details.

And then there’s the third angle, where the mental portrait you’re painting might not perfectly mirror the canvas of your desires. If that’s the case, fear not; it’s all part of the artwork. Think of it as adding subtle brushstrokes to your masterpiece. For instance, if you aim to manifest wealth, envisioning your bank balance might lack the deep emotional fulfillment you seek. Instead, let your mind whisk you away to a radiant South Pacific island, where your envisioned wealth allows your family to share in the symphony of joy you’ve manifested. Picture the whispering breeze of gratitude, the embrace of love, and the creation of cherished memories.

Recall that just as you’d carve out time for a nurturing exercise routine, consistent practice is the key to mastering the art of visualization. Dedicate a few precious minutes each day to this potent art form, and rest assured, luck will soon serenade at your doorstep, perhaps sooner than your wildest imaginings.

Oprah Winfrey shares her secret tips for visualization:🎈🎈🎈
“In order to draw the things that you wanted to come, you don’t want it so much that you fear that you won’t get it. You must put it there (vision board) and then you let it go. You have to meet that vibration. You have to prepare yourself to be there and when it shows up, you are there.”

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What Yoonions Say

In my last newsletter, I explored how to navigate the challenges you might face while practicing visualization.

Sayuri, from Japan, revealed how my newsletter enabled her to envision a more promising future:

“I really wanted to say thank you for this newsletter. Before reading it, I often found myself impatient and irritable during conversations with my father who suffers from ASD and ADHD. However, after reading your insights, I could see a bright future that had previously eluded me. I now understand how to practice Having and feel a sense of anticipation for the wonderful moments ahead. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to your next newsletter.😊😊”

Rozimar, from Portugal, acknowledged facing similar hurdles in her visualization journey:

“I’m really willing to practice your teachings, but it’s still difficult to visualize my desires. I can’t visualize clearly, even though I know they can become reality. I feel tired and hopeless. Thank you for sharing your time and advice.🙏🏼”

My advice to Rozimar is to begin with smaller, more manageable visualizations. Focus on the achievable things in your current situation, such as ‘I can purchase the food I enjoy,’ ‘I’m able to pay my rent,’ or ‘I can treat myself to a new t-shirt, even if it’s not designer brand.

Yeri, from Korea, shared her tips of visualization:

“Hi, I’m Yeri, 27, and I became a big fan after reading “The Having”! I want to share my experience with visualization. Sometimes, the images I visualized felt distant or not truly mine, and I worried my goals wouldn’t become real. So, I tried a new approach: I visualized things happening in the near future, like the next three days. Even if they didn’t all come true right away, I believed they would — and many did.”

Thank you for sharing your warm messages and support. I welcome further thoughts or comments on today’s newsletter. Wishing you a fulfilling week ahead!

Suh Yoon Lee
Author of The Having

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