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The Having
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The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich

Ever wondered about the elusive nature of luck and its connection to success? Is it a trait one is simply born with, or can anyone, regardless of their background or natural abilities, achieve wealth and prosperity? Join us in this groundbreaking bestseller, authored by South Korea’s #1 bestselling writer, Suh Yoon Lee. Within these pages, you’ll uncover the roadmap to a future filled with prosperity and good fortune, accessible to all.
The Journey Begins

Picture yourself on a terrace, gazing at the breathtaking vistas of Italy’s Lake Como. As you place your coffee order, a wave of concern washes over you about its cost. “Is this indulgence within my budget?” you ponder, and suddenly, the joy dissipates. Little do you know, in that very moment, you unknowingly repel money away from you. This was a familiar feeling for journalist Jooyun until she discovered the wisdom of Having from Suh Yoon Lee, a renowned guru sought after by the nation’s affluent.

The Power of Having

Suh Yoon Lee, a wise soul immersed in classical Asian texts since the tender age of 6, examined 100,000 case studies in her quest to unveil the elusive secret of wealth. Her revelation? A seemingly simple yet profoundly magical emotion known as “Having.”
Suh Yoon describes Having as the art of wholeheartedly embracing what you already possess at the moment you spend your money. As Jooyun faithfully incorporated Suh Yoon’s teachings into her daily life, she witnessed an instantaneous improvement in her mood, sense of fulfillment, and, ultimately, her financial well-being.

The Roadmap to Prosperity

Having is the magnetic force that invites wealth into your life, effortlessly filling your glass with more, even with the same amount of effort. Discover the art of embracing what you already possess and harness the incredible power of Having in your own journey.
Picture yourself once again on that enchanting terrace. When the bill arrives, instead of dwelling on the cost, quietly affirm to yourself: “I have ample funds for this coffee. I can relish this moment, no matter its scale.” In doing so, you’ve just practiced Having, the simplest and swiftest route to abundance.

Get Your Copy of
The Having
Other than the English editions?
Click here for international editions.

Words of Wisdom by Suh Yoon Lee


“Just as water cannot remain calm in a shaken glass, money tends to elude a turbulent mind. When you find tranquility, your financial stability becomes as steady as still water.”


“Good fortune multiplies through our efforts; it doesn’t merely add to them. When your effort is zero, the result remains zero, even if you attempt to multiply it.”


“Having starts when you shift your focus to thinking ‘Right now, I have money,’ even if it’s only $1.00.”


“The deciding factor in transforming your circumstances lies in your emotions, not just your thoughts. Generate wealth through your emotions; that’s the essence of Having.”


“Anxiety is a natural and expected part of life, much like a boat rocking on the waves. Even when your boat sways, you’re still progressing towards your destination, and you remain safe. By embracing anxiety as a facet of your journey, you can avoid taking actions that might steer you off course.”

Praise for The Having

  • The emotion of "Having" could be the most liberating feeling ever, yet it's often suppressed by societal prejudices and standards. While I've always sensed it, I was unaware of its true power. Suh Yoon serves as a daily source of inspiration for me. I'll return to her book time and time again, treating it like a bible."

    Elsa Filipa

    Entrepreneur and Lecturer, Portugal
  • "I can say with certainty that "The Having" was the best book I have read in my entire life. With this book, I underwent a profound transformation, and today I radiate positive energy and embody a mindset of wealth. I'm inspired to share this miracle from my life with the world!".

    Mariano Tanaka

    Lawyer, Brazil
  • "The Having is one of the most practical books I've ever read, and at the same time, it challenges conventional wisdom. The teachings emphasize that when you truly believe in your completeness and in "having" every tool you need, you can achieve what you want in life-even beyond traditional thinking. After reading this book, I'm much more connected to my feelings. I will read it again and again."

    Nadia Al-Amoundi

    Executive Director of Strategy and Operational Excellence, Saudi Arabia
  • "This book is filled with profound richness on every page. The line that particularly changed my life was, 'Abundance resides within me'. With dedicated practice, I'm confident I can embrace this emotion daily, filling my heart with boundless happiness and unparalleled joy. I feel rich now.".

    Yuka Goke

    Colour Therapist, Japan
  • "Thank you for the energy and wisdom you've shared in "The Having." It's elegant, simple, and truly insightful. I honour your work andI have a feeling our paths will cross from my inner voice … so I will let the magic unfold wishing you wonder and awe."

    Deri Llewellyn-Davies

    Entrepreneur, U.K.

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