The Lukiest Moment

“It is my destiny to meet and help those standing at the crossroads of luck so they can maximize their good fortune and minimize their misfortune. There are no coincidences in the world, and your meeting with me is a miracle that has been in the works for a long time.” –Suh Yoon Lee

You may be having a difficult morning right now. You may be unable to sleep because of anxiety about the future. You may be seeking escape from a lengthy recession or earnestly waiting for the good fortune that will change your life.

No matter where you came from or what path you’ve taken, you are encountering this text. It’s said that Suh Yoon meets people when their luck is changing. You could be arriving at a similar fork in the road right now. Only those who are prepared find good fortune at such moments.

This principle of good fortune finding those who are prepared can be found in science and history as well.

While performing an experiment with cathode rays in 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered a previously unknown light coming from the tube when covered in black paper. He named this new type of energy “x-ray”. Other scientists in the same era had noticed this same light, but had not taken any interest in it. But Roentgen was different. He was awarded the first Nobel Prize in physics for his research into x-rays.

Alfred Nobel dropped a flask containing nitroglycerin in 1866. He immediately realized it would explode and closed his eyes. But there was no explosion, and the substance merely settled into the sawdust on the floor. That was how Nobel discovered how to stabilize this explosive material, and the next year, he was able to patent dynamite.

A pharmaceutical company research team was conducting clinical trials on angina medication in 1991. Men participating in the experiment complained of an unexpected side effect. The research team realized its potential and changed the purpose of the medication, then continued development. That was the beginning of Viagra.

The chemist Louis Pasteur described the decisive moments in scientific discovery thusly: “In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”

Likewise, the meetings of wealthy people who took advice from Suh Yoon didn’t happen by chance. They have said about meeting her, “That meeting could only be called destiny. I was able to seize an excellent opportunity for my business thanks to her.” “I heard her advice at just the right time to overcome a crisis.” “Meeting Suh Yoon was the turning point in my life. I got out of a long slump and made remarkable strides forward thanks to her.”

You will have come here to choose the path to good fortune. Now, this moment, is not a coincidence. Your ardent dreams and hopes of living a happy life, as well as your destiny, have been preparing this miracle for a long time.

The best is yet to be

The last of life, for which the first was made. -Robert Browning   


By Jooyun Hong