The Allure of Revolution

“A winning rebel with a heart and a seductive guerrilla with a cause.”

“Shorthand for the opposition to oppressive thoughts.”

“An exquisitely crafted symbol of liberation and a romantic fantasy of revolution.”

What kind of person comes to mind when you read these phrases? Perhaps it’s a charming revolutionary like Che Guevara who resists an old system or an artist like Jackson Pollock who destroys stereotypes to create new things. You may imagine a fictional hero like Batman or Lupin who defies conventional codes of ethics to save the day.

The person described above is Suh Yoon Lee. Sophisticated and mysterious, she radiates a powerful energy to shake our souls’ foundations to their core. She is a fair, compassionate, but powerful queen who has the strength to lead her followers, like Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

Suh Yoon advises,

“Break the walls of your prison. The problem is that we imprison ourselves and lock up our own potential.”

”The true world of wealth and good fortune is waiting for you outside the path you see. You’ve already started to break the walls and removed the hoses sucking your energy.”

“Fixed ideas make it look like there’s nothing there but an already closed door. They make you unable to see another door that you’d see wide open beside you if you’d only turn your head.”

Can everyone really gain good fortune and lead a life of abundance? We pore over books and scour YouTube to find a way, but only hear useless advice. “Set your goal and have a positive mind.” “Sacrifice the present for the future.” “Just keep at it.” Naturally, some people make scathing remarks about these kinds of methods to success which provide only momentary pleasure while not helping us get what we desire in any way whatsoever.

Suh Yoon appears before us to tear down our established frameworks and reshape our understanding of the world. She tells us there’s no need to submit to repression or meekly obey.

The method Suh Yoon proposes to gain good fortune and wealth is new, easy, and revolutionary. She speaks of “freedom”. That means escaping from fixed ideas and listening to our own true voices. Suh Yoon says there’s no need to sacrifice the present or endure trials. If we can just enjoy the moment while breaking free from repressing ourselves, we can enjoy good fortune and realize our desires.

Meeting Suh Yoon means that you are already beginning to destroy the walls of your prison. Good fortune covers the outside world like brightly gleaming snow. Just take a step forward and you’ll reach it.


By Jooyun Hong