Portuguese Edition

The Portuguese edition of the Having: the secret art of feeling and growing rich is published now.  The synopsis of the book is posted as follow:



Imagine you are on a terrace overlooking the stunning Lake Como in Italy. As soon as he orders coffee, he begins to imagine the bill… and all the pleasure is gone in an instant. That’s how it felt about award-winning journalist Jooyun Hong before interviewing Suh Yoon Lee for the first time – the Finance Guru of Korea, a consultant to that country’s biggest millionaires (more precisely the narrow group of 1% of the richest).

The journalist – then working as director of external relations at McKinsey – had long wanted to meet the famous guru. He knew that Suh Yoon Lee had long since disappeared from the map. Advisor to the founders (and sons of founders) of the largest Korean corporations, one day she came to the conclusion that she was helping to widen the gap between rich and poor. And withdrew from the scene.

Now, however, it was different. By writing a book, the guru could teach anyone how to get rich – not just their clients. That is why, over the course of several months, his secrets were passed to the journalist. Whose starting point was just one: the right emotion.

Imagine yourself now in that wonderful terrace. When you get the bill, instead of lamenting the price, think to yourself: I’ll pay anyway; and I have money to pay. I can simply enjoy my wealth – however small.