People Who Have Changed Tracks

A scene from “Joy”
Joy Mangano, the inspiration for the movie Joy, was working as a waitress and airline reservation manager while raising her three children alone after a divorce. Her turning point arrived at the age of 34. While cleaning her home, she had an idea for a mop that didn’t need to be wrung out by hand. At first she had neither the capital nor a factory to make this item. She borrowed money from those around her and made her product from her father’s car body shop. The first day she appeared on a TV home shopping channel, Mangano unexpectedly sold 18,000 mops in half an hour, switching to her best track. She went on to develop a string of hit products and is now a successful businesswoman.


37-year-old cell phone salesman Paul Potts earnestly dreamed of becoming an opera singer, but the opportunity didn’t come easily. He studied music at his own expense and sang on amateur stages a few times, but got no further. After undergoing a surgery, bicycle accident, and financial difficulties in succession, he fell into a deep depression. He found the fork in his good fortune on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007. His appearance on the program garnered almost 150 million views on YouTube, and Potts became a globally-known star as a result. He is still walking on his best track as people from around the world listen to his songs.