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“I’m surrounded by people, but there’s no one I can open up to and share my troubles with… I wish someone could give me the answers I need.”

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Q: I was optimistic after reading what Suh Yoon wrote. I thought I could quickly and easily get the good fortune I longed for. With that thought, my heart pounded and my way forward seemed clear. I felt warmly energized from head to toe.

Fascinatingly, this feeling continued into my daily life. It was like I could hear Suh Yoon speaking in my ear when I shopped, browsed Facebook, or paid off loans. I felt wrapped in a warm, springlike hope, and my soul and body relaxed.

I feel like my daily life has changed, like good fortune has come to me. More and more often, I find myself thinking about how lucky I’ve been that day. It’s been a surprising experience. I think I understand why rich people call Suh Yoon the “goddess of good fortune”.

I’m happy and excited to think that I too can become rich like Suh Yoon’s followers. I’ll be sure not to miss this opportunity. Is there anything else I can do? I want to learn how to make my good fortune grow in my daily life.

-Sarah from South Korea


A:Just like consistent exercise develops your muscles, a good habit develops your mind. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce the idea of a “Luck Diary” here. Even a small habit like a Luck Diary has the power to completely change your life. There’s no need for endless time or patience. You can bring yourself a lot of good fortune by investing just one minute per day.

It’s simple and easy to start a Luck Diary. A good time for it would be before you go to bed or after dinner. Find a place where you can spend some quiet time alone. You don’t absolutely have to have a notebook in front of you; you can write quick memos on your phone if you prefer. If you want to share your feelings with others, you can write on Instagram or Facebook.

First, reflect coolly on your day and what good fortune you’ve had. Don’t overlook even small events. You can water the seeds of these trivial instances so they bloom into incredible amounts of luck. Next, write down the time and details of the luck you’ve had. Put aside thoughts of how others will perceive you when they read it. The key to good luck is within your mind, not within others’ thoughts.

The most important thing is to enjoy the luck you’ve had with your whole being. At the end of your writing, you could add, “I’m so lucky!” or “I can’t believe I got so lucky!” or “I’m so thankful for the good luck I had today.” It doesn’t matter if it’s only one line. All you need to do is enjoy and wholeheartedly cherish the luck that you’ve had.

If you find it difficult to write in your Luck Diary every day, just do it every 2-3 days. As your diary grows, so will your belief that you are a person who luck follows. You can read your past entries and feel your luck building up like a snowball.

Now, how does a Luck Diary make luck grow? Let’s examine the scientific principles behind luck. Making luck good depends on mastering your mind. A happy, satisfied human brain increases the energy of good luck. If you sincerely enjoy even small events, you are already drawing luck to you. You don’t need good luck to be happy; rather, a happy person brings good luck to him or herself.

Finally, I include some examples of readers’ Luck Diaries.


9 AM, April 2, 2018

“When I got to work this morning, there was a bag of coffee on my desk. A coworker had left it for me as thanks for helping her with some work. The delicate scent wafted from the bag. I was so thankful and happy!”

#konacoffee #thankyousomuch #bestgiftever #friends4life #whataluckyday #lovemyfriend

10 AM, April 6, 2018

“A meeting to prepare for a corporate marketing event. I was struggling because I hadn’t been able to liaise with an instructor I was supposed to meet. In the meeting, Andy said they’d been friends in university and that he’d contact her! Thanks to him, I was able to meet her, and luckily, that was the only free day she had on her schedule! That unexpected help solved a really tough problem for me. I’m such a lucky person!”

#luckyday #magic #whatabeautifulday

6 PM April 7, 2018

“Today I invited my friends to a party. When the caterers showed up, I was surprised to see they had an additional tray. I found out the company had sent an extra appetizer. It made our party even better! What a great day! I’m so thankful!”

#freebie #freestuff #partygoods #partyparty #luckylucky”

7 PM April 10, 2018

“It’s my girlfriend’s birthday and we had dinner at a French restaurant. I made the reservation at the last minute and there weren’t any tables, but luckily someone canceled and a table opened up! We even had a great view over the city at night! After dinner, the waiter brought us a brownie with a candle in it, on the house. We’ve had such incredible luck today!”

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Suh Yoon's Quotes

“Making luck good depends on mastering your mind. A happy, satisfied human brain increases the energy of good luck. You don’t need good luck to be happy; rather, a happy person brings good luck to him or herself.”