Letters to Suh Yoon

Readers of The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich have written to express their enthusiastic praise and sincere gratitude. Here are a few of the emails fans have sent to Suh Yoon.


“After spending just 2 days, I have completed the book, and tried “Having” in the way of how I feel and how to use the choice of words… but miracle seems to happen, as I just received a reply from a director of the fund who wants to meet me to talk more in details about my business plan…Thank you once again for this wonderful gift to the world.”


“I began reading “The Having” and I must say it’s remarkable. Everything about this book is absolutely phenomenal. I truly admire and appreciate what you do for the world…I’d like to thank you for spreading your wisdom across the globe and helping people become rich within, to grow rich.”


“After reading this book I made it a goal of mine to meet you and hear your story and ask you a question that makes my brain feel complex daily.”


“I wish I could have met a Suh Yoon Lee years ago.”


“I have struggled with my years of wanting the secrets to being financially free and rich within. I never found it, and I read 2 books every week and do everything I can. There is just something about what you preach that makes me feel like one meeting with you my life will be changed.”


“I just finished reading “The Having” and feel so inspired by Ms. Hong’s work to bring your message into my life. I have long tried to break free from limiting thoughts and have read greatly on the subject of mindset…Thank you for all you have done. Finding your teachings has been a true gift that I am loathe to squander.”


“Thank you for writing this book. I never buy hardback books these days but I read an extract somewhere and felt compelled to buy it immediately. You have woven an aura of mystery beautifully through a practical story that truly speaks to the heart on so many levels.”


“I just finished reading The Having, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. It was the best explanation I’ve ever heard for how our world operates…I know that both you and Suh Yoon are the gui-in I needed at this point in my life. Your journey gives me strength of my own to turn away from a comfortable but dissatisfying job and to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur.”