Letters to Suh Yoon II

Readers of The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich have written to express their enthusiastic praise and sincere gratitude. Here are a few of the emails fans have sent to Suh Yoon.


“I just read The Having over the course of 2.5 days. It resonated with me more than the past 30 books I’ve read regarding shifting one’s mindset. I’ve been on an inward journey to finding my purpose, creating wealth and connecting with my true self for nearly two years now. It’s been an invigorating, mind-opening journey. But this book stands tall over all the others for me and is why I feel compelled to contact you.”


“I’m 21 and recently purchased “The Having” and it is an amazing book. The reason for this email is to give thanks to the authors. It’s amazing and I’m confident that it will have profound effects on my future. So thank you so much for taking the time in creating this novel not only for me but for the many others who have read it.”



“My wife recently discovered your book ‘The Having’ and the entire family is learning and embracing the concepts.  We have always felt very blessed in our lives and are looking to make the concepts you describe into a habit.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom.”



“I just wanted to write to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in the book The Having!  And the day after I started reading it, good things began to happen to me the very next day!  I wanted to thank you, you’ve helped me discover the path of Having and my life is already getting so much.”



“I have feeling pulled to say thank you. Your words strike a cord and bring tears to my eyes. I don’t know if you meet with people, or host talks or anything … but I hope our paths cross one day.”



“I was recommended to read the having book by a friend. I finished the book yesterday, and I felt so much emotion and gratitude for the book. I immediately begin practicing it yesterday and today. And I could already feel the difference in my life. I just want to bless you and to thank you for being such an amazing light in this world. Words are failing what I’m trying to express here.”



“The Having gave me the comfort of knowing that everything will be fine…and after a period of having no alternative job opportunities come my way, I noticed that after I changed my mindset I have now been approached with 5-6 fantastic opportunities…Sometimes at times of desperation, a glimmer of hope is the greatest comfort – and that’s exactly what this book offered me.
I consider myself so lucky to have picked up The Having and grateful that your words found their way to me when I needed them most :)”



“I have read The Having and personally found it absolutely magical. I am a native German and I would love to share this story with friends and family at home. I do believe this knowledge is ought to be shared with as many audiences as possible.”



“I am reading ‘the Having’ for the second time now and wanted to let you know it has changed my life. I am sure you get this message a lot, but I spent the past 4 years if not longer, being insecure and having little self-worth around money. After reading your book I have had a few major shifts that have brought in more money than I expected at this point.”



“I’m right in the middle of reading The Having. And I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for your message and wanted to share that with you. I feel like it was written just for me based on all I have experienced in the past.”