Invest in People

I’ve carefully analyzed 3500 people whose fortunes rose and lives changed after meeting their gui-in(a person who helps with good fortune). The time and method they met their gui-in as well as their relationships were different, but they had several things in common:

First, they had their own individuality. They weren’t easily influenced by others’ standards or trends. They valued their uniqueness and respected that of others.

Second, they weren’t the type to look for freebies. They were well aware that they needed to invest first in order for good fortune to come. They willingly invested in others and were repaid 100 or 1000 times. In contrast, people who shy away from being the first to give don’t get anything even if they meet a gui-in. If you invest 0, you’re your investment could be multiplied millions or billions of times and you would still have 0. Note that “invest” here doesn’t always refer to money.

Third, they recognized their own and other people’s weaknesses. On the other hand, people who missed out on good fortune judged others’ slightest faults harshly or jumped to the conclusion that they themselves weren’t qualified to meet a gui-in. If you want to meet your own gui-in, you need to first accept that nobody is perfect. You can form good relationships only when you are aware of yourself and others as they are.