How to Overcome a Financial Crisis

It was early 2008. I’d examined the good fortune of customers and found one commonality: they would all have bad luck with stocks in the latter half of that year. I called them and gave them this advice:

“The flow of the global economy is changing. If you’re investing in funds or stocks, get out immediately.”

One customer asked,

“Where should I invest, then?”

I recommended buying gems to suit his fortune. I told another customer to put his money in euros. That customer hurried to the bank and converted a lot of money to euros. Afterward, an executive of that bank sought me out.

“I was shocked to see one of our VIP clients suddenly move a huge amount of money. Should I invest the same way?”

“No. Your financial luck isn’t like his. Since you know a lot about financial data and the global economy, you should invest in commodity futures.”

My clients took my advice and transferred their assets to suit their good fortune. They survived through the 2008 financial crisis and even prospered because of it.


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