Before the Dawn

Signs portend all changes. When your luck is about to improve, i.e. just before you step onto your best track, the following things can happen:

  1. Self-esteem and self-confidence improve: your trust in and love for yourself will grow.
  2. Bad relationships end: this is one of the greatest signs. Relationships that hurt you or call up negative emotions will be put in order.
  3. Recognizing but not being caught up in shortcomings: you will accept your flaws, whether they lie in career experience, academics, appearance, assets, or personal connections, but your potential will not be limited by these disadvantages.
  4. You won’t expect too much from others: your dependence on others will lessen. You will judge the value of your life by your own standards and be satisfied with it. You will want to help more than to be helped.
  5. You will master negative emotions: you won’t easily waver at trivial anxieties or fears even when enduring business losses, discord with colleagues, or health problems.
  6. You will see indications that new things are beginning: things you’ve been working on for a long time will show results. You’ll encounter good relationships in new groups or have new ideas.
  7. Chronic diseases will improve: if you have endured difficulties or diseases, they will now begin to improve.
  8. There will be changes in your family: you’ll experience happy events at home, such as the birth of a child, a sibling’s marriage, promotions or job changes, or fluctuations in your assets.
  9. Your preferences will change: the colors, clothing, hairstyles, or hobbies you enjoy will naturally change.

You will look to the future without being bound by the past: you’ll feel less regret about your past and enterprisingly embark on your dreams for the future.